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Firstlocate employs almost 400 staff and provides expert people tracing services on a scale that few other companies can match. We can help you regain contact with a person that you have lost touch with - quickly and on a confidential basis.

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Losing touch with someone happens for a variety of reasons. We trace people for a whole host of reasons. You may have lost touch with an old friend, family member or business associate. You might need to find someone that owes you money - a former tenant or a customer that has not paid their bill. Whatever the reason, we can often help trace the person. Of course, we'll ony trace a person on your behalf if you reasons for doing so are lawful and legitimate. Each case that we take on is individually managed and reviewed. We will identify the best strategy to achieve an outcome where you are placed back in contact with the person you require tracing. Remember, people tracing is a skilled task - there are many claiming to be experts but few possess the resources, training and aptitude to undertake the trace in a sensitive and compliant manner. Not only do we employ a large number of staff but we also have dedicated inhouse compliance, audit and quality functions. Call recording and system audit trails so we can demonstrate all of the steps we have undertaken during the people tracing process. Many of the UK's largest organisations trust us to manage their tracing requirements. Quality of tracing should be a priority for any client - you need comfort that the address you are provided with relates to the current address of your trace subject otherwise, you risk escalating action against the wrong person. Can you be sure that the multitude of small scale tracing companies can meet these requirements? Whether you use ourselves or one of our competitors, we'd urge you to check out the scale, competency and resources of exactly who is undertaking your trace. If you do instruct us, we'll keep you informed of progress, retain a detailed log and audit of all steps we've taken and only use our own comprehensively trained staff, managed in a controlled and secure environment. Ultimately, restoring contact with your subject increases your ability in a variety of scenarios to renew acquaintance, restore friendship, commence legal action or receive payment. Modern society is highly mobile. Individuals move address at a far greater frequency than in previous generations. Our expertise in this area will enable you to be placed back in contact. Remember, if we can't help or are unsuccessful, we'll refund your fee
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"It costs just £37 (inc vat) for us to undertake a full people trace investigation - refunded if we are not successful."

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Clients with large numbers of people to trace visit our , Corporate site for a volume tracing and other services including trace & collect, revenue management and call centre services.

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Debt tracing

Confidential tracing of a person for debt purposes. We will provide you with a verified current address which will enable you to conduct your own collections activity. This product comes with a no success, no fee guarantee. Order now

  Debt tracing

Tenant tracing

Finding a tenant who has left a tenancy early is not easy but this product will place you back in touch with a current verified address. No success, no fee. Used by landlords, letting agents, solicitors, companies and local government. Order now

  Tenant tracing


Tracing for purposes such as legal papers, old friends, colleagues and acquaintances. As with all of our trace products, confidentiality is assured and this product is also covered by our no success, no fee guarantee. Order now


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400 million records to search Tracegenie, low cost access to unlimited searches of the edited electoral roll.

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We also own and operate the free service HousepriceGB Give it a try. We publish most of the house sales in England, Wales and Scotland and it's totally free to use with no registration required.

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We are the developers of Actius billing & collections software a sophisticated solution to maintain, enhance and optimise customer billing and collection cycles.

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We also undertake detailed research on property (and people) history in Scotland. Explore the new features

Unregistered land & property research across the British Isles - we'll undertake some detailed research and identfy the ownership. More - find the owner

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