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Firstlocate employs almost 400 staff and provides unique research and tracing services on a scale that few other organisations can match. Instruct us and we will identify the ownership and trace the owners of unregistered land or buildings.

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"Significant numbers of building & land titles remain unrecorded with HM Land Registry - this means no details they hold no details of ownership"

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Firstlocate assist customers to find the owners of unregistered land, property and buildings in England and Wales. A search of the England or Wales Land Registry may have produced a negative result stating that the land or building has no registered title. This means HMLR hold no information on exactly what the property consists of or who owns it. Firstlocate will undertake a detailed search and identify the current owners and provide you with a current contact address. This will likely involve tracing the owners to a new address or even tracing the beneficiaries or legatees in the event that the former owner has died. We undertake research in Scotland too; however, all land is technically registered, there are many disused or derelict buildings and even land that has remained unused for many years. The original system of registration in Scotland can be complex and time consuming to research. Some owners may not even be aware that they still own such plots. We can research the records held in Scotland and trace the current owners and provide you with their contact address.
A search in England or Wales can take from 1 - 8 weeks dependant on the options specified on your order. Searches in Scotland are usually quicker to complete. In some cases, our search may take longer but you will be fully informed of progress. If we are successful, the fee is £150 - a small price to pay in the event that you might be able to purchase the property. If we are unsuccessful (i.e we do not identify ownership), the fee is £25 but you will be provided with a report detailing all of the steps that we have taken. A search will continue until either we successfully resolve or we cannot identify ownership or you cancel in writing. Cases cancelled will be subject to the reduced fee of £25 provided the cancellation is received in writing prior to our resolution of the case..
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Remember, if land or property is UNREGISTERED then there are 2 possible scenarios:
1/. The property is owned but the title has never been recorded or registered with HM Land Registry.
2/. The property is ownerless. In the vast majority of instances, the property/land is owned but the title not registered.
1st Locate unregistered land investigation service is an ideal way to identify ownership with a very high success rate of cases successfully resolved. The service is successfully used by Solicitors, Developers and private purchasers and is often the only way of identifying ownership for unregistered land or property. We believe this is a unique service and is undertaken by highly experienced Researchers using a variety of investigative techniques, research and where appropriate site visits

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Why land in England/Wales can be unregistered

"there are 2 possible scenarios: 1/. The property is owned but the title has never been recorded or registered with HM Land Registry.
2/. The property is ownerless. ."

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