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Supporting business with comprehensive tracing, debt recovery and data services - 1st Locate ® are one of the largest trace collect agencies in the UK. Organisations outsource a variety of services to us (debt recovery, credit control, debtor tracing, billing management or customer services) - primarily because we are able to improve efficiencies, productivity and performance, yet introduce major cost saving benefits in the process. We employ almost 400 staff and provide expert debtor tracing & recovery services on a scale that few other organisations can match. Whether you are a company, individual, landlord, letting firm or solicitor seeking to regain contact with a missing debtor or a corporate wishing to restore contact with missing or former customers, then we can help.

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"We'll put you back in touch with your customer - quickly & discretely at an affordable price - all backed by our guarantee to use lawful & legitimate tracing methods"

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"If we can't trace your former tenant, we will refund our fee"

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"Employing almost 400 staff, we have the resources to invest in comprehensive ongoing training, audit and compliance"

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"Our inhouse technology has already been recognised by the Credit Industry, winning best use of collections technology in the Credit Awards 2015"

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"We supply our debt tracing & recovery services in bulk to some of the UK's leading companies " read more

Debt & Tracing services

Our debt collection & tracing services are provided with all the professionalism, security and integrity that clients enjoy when they select a Full Member of the CSA - Credit Services Association. 1st Locate are one of the largest people locators or trace collect debt recovery agencies in the U.K. and Europe. UK TEL: 0344 5439002. Losing touch with your current or former customers is of concern to many organisations. The sooner you restore contact with a former customer the sooner any losses can be recovered. Our confidential debtor tracing services aims to restore contact with your former customer in the shortest possible timescales, leaving you in a position to enter into dialogue or legal/recovery action with the tenant. We'll keep you informed of progress, retain a detailed log and audit of all steps we've taken and only use our own comprehensively trained staff, managed in a controlled and secure environment. We can just undertake the trace or provide you with a trace & collect service whereby we recover the outstanding sum. Ultimately, restoring contact with your former customer increases your ability to receive payment. If you don't know where your customer is, how can you get paid? A consequence of modern society is a highly mobile population. Individuals move address at a far greater frequency than in previous generations. By tracing your missing customers, we can place you in a position to collect any sums due that may otherwise be written off. Write offs filter through as a cost to us all. Few suppliers could deny their charges or tariffs are higher to reflect bad debts incurred by missing customers.
We specialise in helping businesses and consumers trace and/or recover debts that are due to them. Invariably, the person or persons owing the debt may have moved house and will require tracing. We are able to undertake the tracing and recoveries in house. Many of the larger Debt Collection Agencies in the UK now use 1st Locate ® for tracing and debt recovery purposes. Our other clients include Gas, Electricity and Water Utilities, Banks, Building Societies, Local Government and Solicitors. order a trace now

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"It costs just £37 (inc vat) for us to undertake a full debtor trace investigation - refunded if we are not successful."

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"self search solutions available from Tracegenie."

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Large scale debtor tracing services
Clients with large numbers of people to trace visit our , Corporate site for a volume tracing and other services including trace & collect, revenue management and call centre services.

  Bulk tracing

Debt tracing

Confidential tracing of a person for debt purposes. We will provide you with a verified current address which will enable you to conduct your own collections activity. This product comes with a no success, no fee guarantee. Order now

  Debt tracing

Tenant tracing

Finding a tenant who has left a tenancy early is not easy but this product will place you back in touch with a current verified address. No success, no fee. Used by landlords, letting agents, solicitors, companies and local government. Order now

  Tenant tracing


Tracing for purposes such as legal papers, old friends, colleagues and acquaintances. As with all of our trace products, confidentiality is assured and this product is also covered by our no success, no fee guarantee. Order now


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We've made one of our Tracing tools available online
400 million records to search Tracegenie, low cost access to unlimited searches of the edited electoral roll.

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We also own and operate the free service HousepriceGB Give it a try. We publish most of the house sales in England, Wales and Scotland and it's totally free to use with no registration required.

Actius software

We are the developers of Actius billing & collections software a sophisticated solution to maintain, enhance and optimise customer billing and collection cycles.

Scottish title research

We also undertake detailed research on property (and people) history in Scotland. Explore the new features

Unregistered land & property research across the British Isles - we'll undertake some detailed research and identfy the ownership. More - find the owner

1st Locate UK Ltd is the UK's leading provider of bulk tracing services

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Supplying some of the UK's largest organisations.

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